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Roberto Gozzi Parrucchieri

wedding hairstyles-trendy hair cuts

Via Cocconcelli, 1 | 43125 | Parma (PR), Italy | 0521.386605

bridal hairstyles - hair cuts trendy

Entering the hall Roberto Gozzi Hairdressers means entering a warm and relaxed atmosphere, where the colors, delicate and suffused, invite pleasant moments of personal relaxation. Feed and care for the skin and hair in a new dimension for a new conception of personal care with work areas distinct and differentiated to offer moments of privileged well-being accompanied by an excellent selection of music.
Harmony, balance and aesthetic sense, are the predominant canons of the style of Roberto Gozzi Hairdressers. Kindness and helpfulness are spontaneous attitudes to accommodate customers, while competence and professionalism are the basic rules to meet every request, as the opening of Monday.

bridal hairstyles - hair cuts trendy

Via Cocconcelli 1
43125 - Parma (PR) - Italy - Tel: 0521.386605/0521.206975
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