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hair products for sale , vegetable dyed hair


Davines specializes in hairdressers and aesthetics .
collection CLICK
Hair: Angelo Seminara
Colour: Edoardo Paludo
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
Make Up: Denise Rabor
Stylist: Chloe Kerman
The simplicity of a gesture, a sound Immediacy Index , the coincidence of elements that form a perfect balance, that strikes the eye without hesitation. The Spring / Summer 2013 Davines looks like this , starting from a "CLICK" , easy and unforgettable at the same time , to outline a fresh and unspoiled beauty , in a visual sequence of great beauty.
CLICK is the elegance of the authenticity , expressed in the faces of young women , the innocent sensuality , immersed in a natural harmony lived outside and inside. Images suspended between photography and watercolor , where the hairstyles emerge from delicate flourishes in an alternation of movement and composure , minimalism and wealth of shapes, colors and shades discrete beam.
Click protagonists of the collection , the color permanent Mask and coloring without ammonia A New Colour. Toni Brown , copper, blonde , results highlight the cuts creating highly sophisticated and natural at the same time embellishing the lengths and enhancing the texture of the hair. The secret is once again Flamboyage Meche , the exclusive Davines coloring tool that quickly and innovative allows you to apply the color with the most natural results , enriching the look of intense reflections and all-natural .

Hair: Angelo Seminara
Colour: Edoardo Paludo
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
Make Up: Mel Arter @ CLM
Nails: Mike Pocock @ Streeers
Stylist: Niccol Torelli
Amazement at the nature of the creative spark : once again the genesis of the collection Davines part by the desire to create a beauty that can surprise without artifice , observing and learning the secrets of nature that surrounds us. And it is the charm of pearl, mysterious fusion of light and matter, the inspirational element of the Collection Mother of Pearl , signed by Davines Artistic Director Angelo Seminara , in collaboration with the International Colour Creative Ambassador of Davines , Edward Paludo . In this collection, the play of nuances and surprising emerges predominantly in an alternation of light and opacity , just as in a shell, mother of pearl , with styling away from excessive construction , natural and free .
Mother of Pearl is an expression of delicate and timeless elegance , imbued with light and spontaneous harmony . A collection realized by means of tools and products designed with the maximum ease of use and the stimulus for personal creativity of every hairstylist .
The magical effects of Mother of Pearl are the result of the perfect synergy between Flamboyage , the innovative Davines color service that allows you to enrich the texture of the hair with unique reflections , thanks to the exclusive tool Flamboyage Meche , and new shades of 6 line of permanent hair color without ammonia a New Colour pure Colour , last declination of pure colors that allow you to work on bleached hair and bleached creating both bright tones that pastel nuances .
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hair products for sale , vegetable dyed hair

Via Ravasini 9/A
43100 Parma - Italy
Tel. +39 0521.965611
Fax. +39 0521.292597

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